The SRG in the 6th Annual GeoSymposium

The 6th GeoSystems Engineering Annual Research Symposium was held on Friday, November 18th, 2022. Ph.D. Candidate, Bodhinanda (Nanda) Chandra, of the Soga Research Group, presented his work in a keynote lecture. Nanda showed his research on MPM with the title: “Improving accuracy and efficiency in material point method (MPM) for both single and multi-phase continua”.

Besides Nanda, another fourteen members of the Soga Research Group also participated in the poster presentation session:

  • Dayu Apoji “Developing Self-Driving Tunnel Boring Machines”
  • Wongjun Cha “Geotechnical applications of the mobile robot SPOT”
  • Shih-Hung Chiu “Performance evaluation of TR-XTREMETM ductile iron pipe in earthquakes using distributed fiber optic sensing and finite element method”
  • Joel Given “Comparing Simple and Advanced Constitutive Models with Column Collapse Simulations in the Material Point Method”
  • Tianyu Han “Performance assessment of saddles for the service line under monotonic shear loading”
  • Pengshun Li “Quantification of the impact of background traffic on evacuation”
  • Yong Liang “The imposition of nonconforming Neumann boundary condition in the material point method without boundary representation”
  • Jaewon Saw “Pavement Calibration Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing”
  • Sumeet Sinha “Ground Water Table Detection Using Fiber Optic Cables”
  • Lauren Talbot “Large Deformation Modeling of the Lower San Fernando Dam using the Material Point Method”
  • Michael Virtucio “On Modeling the Capacity Loss and Recovery of Local Transportation Networks under Seismic Hazards: A Case Study on the Port of Los Angeles”
  • Tianchen Xu “Large scale 3D modeling of pipeline response under fault movement using FEM”
  • Jiahui Yang “Application of Fiber Optic Sensor in the Thermal Conductivity Test of the Campus Deep Borehole”
  • Yaobin Yang “Finite Element Analysis on Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Problem for Partially Saturated soil”

This event is an annual event of the Geosystems Engineering Group that aims to show research within the group and to bridge the gap between academic research and the industry. The event is recently featured in the CEE webpage (see here).

Nanda gave his keynote presentation (picture by Dayu Apoji).