Levee Performance Monitoring using Distributed Acoustic Sensing in Black Hawk, Louisiana

Researchers: Peter Hubbard, James Wang, James Rector, Kenichi Soga (UC Berkeley), Brady Cox (Utah State University), John Murphy and Dan Costley (USACE-ERDC)

Client/Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE-ERDC)

Technologies: Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Publicly available dataset: Hubbard et al. 2021, NHERI UTexas DAS Workshop PRJ-3317, DesignSafe-CI. (pending)

The Soga Research Group has teamed up with the US Army Corps of Engineers to deploy a distributed fiber optic sensing technology, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), to monitor levee performance through active and passive seismic imaging. At a test site located in Black Hawk, Louisiana, over 2 km of fiber optic cable was installed running along the toe of a critical levee section that has suffered from seepage problems. The installed cable was used to perform seismic imaging using distributed acoustic sensing and a mobile shaker truck provided and operated by NHERI@UTexas.  The analysis of the dataset is ongoing, but a portion is available open-access through the DesignSafe-CI Data Depot for community use.