Students Involvement

During the investigation, students will be divided into several groups and participate in the following steps to learn about geology and geothermal: 

Step 1: Collect geological information and build the Campus Geology Data base

Step 2: Join the rotary drilling of the 400-ft borehole and learn the site geology by logging the borehole

Step 3: Conduct the geophysical loggings under the instruction of the Norcal Team and analyze the result

Step 4: Learn the principle of fiber optic sensing technology, design the monitoring the system, and install the fiber optic cable into the borehole

Step 5: Set the equipment for the thermal response test, conduct the test, and collect data

Step 6: Process the data to estimate the thermal conductivity of the underground

Step 7: Preform the case study in the Business and Law Node to evaluate the coverage of geothermal as well as the carbon emission saving

Figure 1 Students are logging the borehole 

Figure 2 Students are installing the fiber optic cable

Figure 3 Students are reading the fiber optic data