Zheng Hao

Dr Zheng Hao

Visiting Scholar
Assistant Professor (Hokkaido University)
Office: 435 Davis Hall
Email: zhenghao@eng.hokudai.ac.jp

Zheng is currently a visiting scholar in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his B.Eng in 2009 from Harbin Institute of Technology, China and Doctor degree in 2014 from Hokkaido University, Japan. He has been working on the frost heave since master period by the Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical combined model and then focuses on the mechanism of ice lenses formed in the freezing process of soil by various experimental
and image processing methods. At Berkeley, he joins the groups of Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical combined model and Material Point Method.

Research Interests

  • Frost Heave
  • Mixed Hybrid FEM, DEM, MPM
  • Image Processing Method