Yong Liang

Dr Yong Liang

Office: 415 Davis Hall
Email: yliang_sn ‘at’ berkeley ‘dot’ edu


Yong Liang is currently a postdoc researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his doctor’s degree from Tsinghua University, China, in 2019. His research efforts focus on algorithm development based on the material point method (MPM). He proposed two newly numerical schemes during his Ph.D. research: the eXtended Material Point Method (XMPM) for dynamic fracture, and the Staggered Grid Material Point Method (SGMP) for efficiently eliminating the cell crossing noise existing in the original MPM. His current research interests include applying the MPM in geomechanics-based on high-performance computing and the MPM visualization.

Research interests:

  • Fracture modeling: XMPM can handle the discontinuous field by modifying the particle displacement approximation.

  • Particle Methods: Material point method. Developing the SGMP to improve efficiency and reduce the numerical noise.

  • Computational Mechanics

  • Natural Hazards Modelling: Now focus on the study about the Oso landslide case. The Oso landslide (officially named the SR 530 Landslide by the State of Washington) occurred on 22 March 2014 in the state of Washington, USA. It is one of the worst landslide disasters in USA history with 43 fatalities. Economic losses are estimated to be more than US$120 million (DNR 2015).

  • Mesh refinement, the partition in parallel, and visualization for big-scale engineering projects.