Hayato Nonaka

Hayato Nonaka

Visiting Scholar, Researcher (Kajima Corporation, Japan)
Office: 456 Sutardja Dai Hall
Email: nonakaha@berkeley.edu

Hayato Nonaka is currently a visiting researcher in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley. He obtained his bachelor’s degree (Science) and master’s degree (Engineering) from Tsukuba University, Japan. He has been working for Kajima Corporation as a research engineer and mainly focused on developing techniques to deal with problems related to groundwater be happened in Tunnel and Dam construction.

His current research interest is the application of the Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing (DOFS) technique to smart infrastructure monitoring.

Research Interests:

  • Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technique
  • Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) technique: Structure health monitoring, Crack monitoring
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technique: MASW, MAM, Structure health monitoring, Vehicle detection

Research Activities:

[DSS]: Bending experiment for crack monitoring (Worked with Zhijun Xu, Linqing Luo)

[DSS, DTS]: Soil behavior monitoring test in the wind tunnel at Colorado School of Mines (Worked with Ruonan Ou, CSM)

[DAS]: MASW (Surface Wave Surveys) at Richmond Field Station (Worked with Peter Hubbard, Chien-Chih Wang, Kajima corporation, Geometrics)