Tzu-Hsuan Lin

LinCornetDr Tzu-Hsuan Lin

Researcher (Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc.), visiting scholar
Office: 415 Davis Hall

Tzu-Hsuan Lin is a visiting scholar fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his MEng and PhD from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. His dissertation proposed an integrated wireless sensor network (WSN)-based structural health monitoring (SHM) system in buildings and civil infrastructures. This work also developed a global-local-integrated damage detection approach for localizing damage. During his PhD study, He learned another master degree in the institute of Electrical Control Engineering from National Chiao Tung University. His master’s study has developed an IOT-based Intelligent Disaster Information Integrated Platform (IDIIP) for disaster monitoring, disaster-information management, and emergency-response coordination. A radiation-monitoring scenario has been selected to prove the concept of the IDIIP. After his five-year career as a researcher in Sinotech Engineering Consultant which is the top three engineering consultant company in Taiwan, he joining the UC Berkeley as a visiting scholar fellow in 2016. His main contribution in company is using Interdisciplinary knowledge to solve the industry problem.

His current research activities are Underground wireless sensor networks, Infrastructure sensing, Structural health monitoring, Embedded system integration and Internet of things. He has published more than 40 papers in Chinese or International journal and conference. He also has two patents in Taiwan. He is recipient of many awards including Postdoctoral Research Abroad Program Fellowship from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, Summer Program Fellowship from the Interchange Association, Japan and PhD Scholarship from the Sinotech Foundation.

Research interests:

  • Underground wireless sensor networks
  • Infrastructure sensing
  • Internet of things
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Embedded hardware and software systems
  • Wearable devices
  • Smart sensors


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