Jungdoung Yu

Dr Jungdoung Yu

Visiting Scholar (Research Professor at Korea University)
Office: 510 Davis Hall
Email: jungdoung ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com.


Jungdoung Yu is currently a visiting scholar, working with Prof. Kenichi Soga, in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. He received his B.Eng. (2007), M.Eng(2009), and D.Eng(2016) in Civil Engineering from Korea University. His research has focused on the application of smart sensors for evaluating the integrity of infrastructures. His recent research interest is the sound classification using deep learning, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for MASW analysis, and structural health monitoring.


Research Interests:

Structure health monitoring: rock bolt, soil nail, pipe roof support system, pile foundation, offshore structure, bridge scouring, cavity detection

Ground investigation: liquefaction, soil dynamic properties, soil electrical properties

Sound classification with deep learning: earthquakes, marine mammals, ship

Distributed fiber optic sensing (DAS): multichannel analysis of surface Waves (MASW) analysis

Figure 1. Defect detection of pile using electromagnetic waves.


Figure 2. Rock bolt integrity evaluating using ultrasonic guided waves.



Figure 3. Offshore sound detection using hydrophone and classification with deep learning.


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