Hao Luo

HaoLuo Hao Luo

PhD Student (University of Cambridge), visiting student
Office: 443 Davis Hall
Email: hl423@cam.ac.uk ,  hao.luo@berkeley.edu

Hao Luo is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Kenichi Soga. Hao joined the Geotechnical and Environmental Group at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge from January 2015, and move to Geosystems Engineering group at University of California, Berkeley from October 2016. Hao received his MPhil degree from University of Cambridge and MEng degree from Tongji University, China.

Hao’s master project is “Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Fresh Cement Deformation Behaviour” using high-speed camera, image process method, and material point method (MPM) with Bingham model.

Hao’s PhD project is “Numerical Investigation of Hydrate-bearing Sediment Heterogeneity and its Influence on Wellbore Stability during Methane Gas Recovery”. In this research, wellbore and casing stability in gas production from methane hydrate-bearing sediments will be investigated using numerical simulation by considering the stress, strain and displacement around the wellbore. Coupled finite element method (FEM) and high-performance computing (HPC) method is used to achieve fast calculation of 2D fine mesh and 3D problems.

Research interests:

  • methane hydrate gas extraction
  • Numerical methods (i.e. FEM, MPM)
  • Constitutive modelling
  • fresh cement characteristics