Bingbing Chen

Bingbing Chen

PhD Student (Dalian University of Technology)

Office: 418 Davis Hall



Bingbing is a visiting student at the University of California, Berkeley, working with Prof. Kenichi Soga. He obtained his Bachelor degree from Hohai University, China, in 2015. Now he is a PhD student at Dalian University of Technology of Energy and Environmental Engineering. His research is mainly about the gas & water migration and seepage characteristics in natural gas hydrate exploitation, and doing some visual measurements (MRI, CT and CCD camera) of multi-flow effects on hydrate exploitation

Research Interest:

  • Gas Hydrate
  • Hydrate-based Technology (gas storage, CCS)
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Chemical Engineering


Main Publications:

[1] Bingbing Chen, Huiru Sun, Junjie Zheng, Mingjun Yang. New insights on water-gas flow and hydrate decomposition behaviors in natural gas hydrates deposits with various saturations. Applied Energy. Vol. 2020, 259.

[2]     Bingbing Chen, Huiru Sun, Kehan Li, Dayong Wang, Mingjun Yang. Experimental investigation of natural gas hydrate production characteristics via novel combination modes of depressurization with water flow erosion Energy. Fuel. 2019, Vol. 252, pp. 295-303.

[3]     Bingbing Chen, Mingjun Yang, Huiru Sun, Pengfei Wang, Dayong Wang. Visualization study on the promotion of natural gas hydrate production by water flow erosion. Fuel. 2019, Vol. 235, pp. 63-71.

[4]     Bingbing Chen, Huiru Sun, Hang Zhou, Mingjun Yang, Dayong Wang. Effects of pressure and sea water flow on natural gas hydrate production characteristics in marine sediment. Applied energy. 2019, Vol. 238, pp. 274-283.

[5]     Bingbing Chen, Mingjun Yang, Jia-nan Zheng, Dayong Wang, Yongchen Song. Measurement of water phase permeability in the methane hydrate dissociation process using a new method. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2018, Vol. 118, pp. 1316-1324.

[6]     Bingbing Chen, Hongsheng Dong, Huiru Sun, Pengfei Wang, Lei Yang. Effect of a weak electric field on THF hydrate formation: Induction time and morphology. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 2020, Vol. 194, pp. 107486

[7]     Bingbing Chen, Huiru Sun, Guojun Zhao, Bin Wang, Yuechao Zhao, Mingjun Yang. Experimental observation of methane hydrate dissociation via different depressurization modes under water phase flow. Fuel. 2020, In Pressing.

The variations in hydrate distribution in sediment under water flow process

The MRI images of methane hydrate dissolution process under water flow process