The Report from the EPSRC-NSF Infrastructure Workshop (New York, 2022) is now published

Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) in collaboration with the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy has published the final report from the EPSRC–NSF Infrastructure workshop in New York from 11–15 July: The Role of Funding, Financing, and Emerging Technologies in Delivering and Managing Infrastructure for the 21st Century. The workshop assembled a multidisciplinary group of international experts from academia, policy, and practice, both in-person and online, to explore how to improve infrastructure delivery through innovative funding and financing as well as emerging technologies. Discussions focused on the interconnections between resilience, net-zero carbon, and infrastructure equity within the context of infrastructure funding and financing. Prof. Kenichi Soga is a part of the author lists and organizers.

Read the Executive Summary and Recommendations here, and the full Report here.

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