John, Nanda, and Kecheng participated in international conferences

Several SRG members attended international conferences virtually in the October.

PhD Candidate John Murphy and PhD student Bodhinanda Chandra attended the Particles 2021 Conference which was held in Hamburg, Germany on 4-5 October 2021. The conference addressed both the fundamental basis and the applicability of state-of-the-art particle-based computational methods for solving a variety of problems in engineering and applied sciences. In this opportunity, John presented his work on Suffusion Internal Erosion with the MPM as part of the Anura3D Research Community Technical Session, whereas Nanda discussed the development of semi-implicit two-phase MPM code in CB-Geo considering high-performance computing.

Meanwhile, PhD Student Kecheng Chen attended Geothermal Rising Conference (GRC 2021). The topic of his presentation was “1D Heat Loss Model to Predict the Aquifer Temperature Profile during Hot/Cold Water Injection”. In detail, Aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) is the storage and recovery of thermal energy in the subsurface. ATES is applied to provide heating and cooling to buildings. Storage and recovery of thermal energy is achieved by extraction and injection of groundwater from aquifers using groundwater wells. Our work is using 1D models (high computational¬† speed) rather than 2D or 3D models to describe the hot/cold water injection process, and evaluating the temperature profile prediction performance of these 1D models.