SRG attended the MPM Workshop 2023 in Bangor, Maine

On September 14th-15th, the SRG MPM team, John, Nanda, Joel, and Lauren, attended the MPM Workshop 2023 held at the University of Maine in Bangor, Maine, together with Saki, a visiting scholar from Kajima.

At the conference, John, Nanda, Joel, and Lauren presented their research with the following title:
  • John Murphy, “Discussion of Transition Zones in Double-Point Formulation for Erosion Problems“.
  • Bodhinanda Chandra, “Development of stabilized mixed material point method for incompressible fluid flow analysis: formulation and validation“.
  • Joel Given, “Imposing Nonconforming Boundary Conditions Without Tracking the Exact Boundary Position”.
  • Lauren Eliza DeWitt Talbot, “Improvements for Dam Failure MPM Simulations and Visualization“.

Here are some pictures taken during the conference.