SRG at the 7th Annual GeoSymposium

On November 17th, 2023 at the 7th Annual UC Berkeley Geotechnical Engineering Research Symposium, Jaewon presented as a Keynote Speaker on the “Monitoring Capabilities of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing for Hydraulic Fracturing“. Opening with an overview of the distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) technology, Jaewon shared insights from a case study in Austin Chalk / Eagle Ford Shale, where DFOS was deployed to monitor temperature, strain, and acoustics during an in-well fracking operation in an unconventional reservoir. Jaewon also highlighted other projects from the Soga Research Group and collaborators, such as the use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) in Monterey Bay, California for detecting whale vocalizations, and applying DAS on the Smart Road at Richmond Field Station (RFS) for road and traffic monitoring.

The keynote presentations were followed by poster presentations and a networking session. The event concluded with a round table discussion on “Project Management in the World of GeoEngineering” joined by representatives from Brown and Caldwell, Geosyntec, Mott MacDonald, Kiewitt, PG&E, and BART, facilitated by our Joel, the emcee of the day. The GeoSymposium brought together students, researchers, industry professionals, and faculty and provided a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange in the field.

Posters from our graduate student researchers and post-doctoral scholars

Roundtable discussion on “Project Management in the World of GeoEngineering”

Group photo from the 7th Annual GeoSymposium

Below is a list of poster presentations from the Soga Research Group:

  • Mixed material point method for accurate and stable simulations of incompressible fluids
    Bodhinanda Chandra, Ryota Hashimoto, Ken Kamrin, Kenichi Soga
  • Deformation Monitoring of Tunnel using Phase-based Motion Magnification and Optical Flow
    Kecheng Chen, Hiroshi Kogi, Kenichi Soga
  • Pipe-Specific Data-Driven Degradation Model for Likelihood of Failure Assessment of Water Distribution Systems
    Shih-Hung Chiu, Dayu Apoji, Wonjun Cha, Kenichi Soga
  • Application of Fiber Optic Sensors for Crack Detection
    Chuao Dong, Yaobin Yang, Kenichi Soga
  • A Finite Element Analysis of Lower San Fernando Dam Failure using OpenSees
    Connor Geudeker, Lauren Talbot, Kenichi Soga
  • Please Use the Consistent Deviatoric Strain Invariant
    Joel Given, Kenichi Soga
  • The Value of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Based Mapping Tool
    Tianyu Han, Kenichi Soga
  • DFOS Monitoring of Water Pipeline Performance under Seismic Fault Displacement Exploring Wildfire Evacuation Strategies for Diverse Communities
    Maksymilian Jasiak, Peter Hubbard, Chien-Chih Wang, Kenichi Soga
  • Exploring Wildfire Evacuation Strategies for Diverse Communities
    Pengshun Li, Bingyu Zhao, Kenichi Soga, Louise Comfort
  • Fire simulation in Marin County
    Paola Lorusso, Kenichi Soga
  • Hydraulic Fracture Identification and Size Estimation Using Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing
    Jaewon Saw, Linqing Luo, Julia Correa, Kenichi Soga, Xiaoyu Zhu, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Erich Kerr, Robert Bohn
  • UPDATED: Modeling Large-Deformation Features of the Lower San Fernando Dam Failure with the Material Point Method
    Lauren Talbot, Joel Given, Ezra Tjung, Yong Liang, Khaled Chowdhury, Raymond Seed, Kenichi Soga
  • Material Point Method Visualization of the Lower San Fernando Dam Failure
    Lauren Talbot, Kenichi Soga
  • Assessing the impact of inter-agency coordination on post-closure recovery of highway networks
    Michael Virtucio, Bingyu Zhao, Masahiko Iwama, Kenichi Soga
  • Underground Pipeline Leakage Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network
    Chien-Chih Wang, Wonjun Cha, Peter Hubbard, Kenichi Soga
  • Congestion Analysis in Marin County
    Yanglan Wang, Kenichi Soga
  • Assessment of Fiber Optic Sensor Performance in Gas Well Axial Loading Test
    Tianchen Xu, Linqing Luo, Chien-Chih Wang, Kenichi Soga