Our research on ML for Tunneling is highlighted by Sixense Group

Our research on the application of AI and ML for tunneling is highlighted by Sixense Group. In brief, Dayu Apoji, a Ph.D. researcher in our group, is trying to build “a brain” for tunnel boring machines (TBM) using machine learning algorithms so that this giant machine can make perception from enormous tunneling data (both from the machine sensors and ground instruments) and assist TBM operators and tunnel engineers on real-time decision making process.

Publications on the first outcomes, i.e., how the machine can interpret the geologic conditions, are under preparation. Here is a simulation of how a machine learning algorithm converts enormous signals into geologic interpretation during tunneling.

We are currently moving forward on developing the machine control systems as well as connecting underground and aboveground data. The research aims to provide a more systematic framework in tunneling practices and pushing forward the level of automation in the construction industry.

Besides Sixense Group, we also collaborate with Enzan Koubou Co., Ltd., and Shimizu Corp.