EBMUD USL Tunnel Inspection using Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Equipped with Advanced Sensor Technology

To ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency, we deploy Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot into the tunnel for inspection. SPOT is a quadruped terrestrial robot known for its agility and adaptability, and comes equipped with advanced sensors, transforming traditional tunnel inspection practices.

Key to Spot’s tunnel inspection capabilities is its state-of-the-art 3D camera. This system enables the robot to do high-quality visual inspection. The collected data allows for a detailed analysis of the tunnel’s condition, enabling engineers to quickly identify potential issues such as structural weaknesses, damages, and leaks. It also offers a substantial improvement over human-based inspections, reducing the risk of injury and speeding up the process considerably.

Enhancing the capabilities of Spot’s 3D camera is a stereo camera system. This adds depth perception, further improving Spot’s inspection skills within the tunnel environment. The stereo camera’s functionality also assists in building an accurate 3D map of the tunnel system, providing crucial data for maintenance planning and operational safety.

Spot also carries high-precision gas sensors for CO2, CO, and O2 measurements. This advanced system helps detect harmful gas leaks within the tunnel system promptly, which could otherwise pose significant health risks to workers and impact tunnel operations. 

In summary, Spot’s integration represents a transformative leap in tunnel inspection capabilities. Combining cutting-edge 3D and stereo camera technologies with precision gas sensors, Spot ensures a comprehensive, accurate, and timely evaluation of tunnel health, leading to safer and more efficient operations.

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Some photos of our team in action: