Dayu presented at international conferences

Presentation at 4ICITG Singapore
Dayu was a speaker at The 4th International Conference on Information Technology in Geo-Engineering (4ICITG). The conference was held on 4-5 August 2022 in Singapore. His presentation title was “Estimating Tunneling-Induced Ground Movements from EPBM Data using Machine Learning”. 
In this work, he used machine learning to connect ground monitoring data to TBM operation data and produce a real-time prediction system for tunneling-induced ground movements. This research is expected to be a basis for developing intelligent ground movement control in TBM operation.
Presentation at WTC2022 Copenhagen, Denmark
Dayu also went to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend World Tunnel Congress 2022. The event was held on 2-8 September 2022 at Bella Center Copenhagen. He also presented a piece of his work titled “Exploring Interactions Among EPBM Features using Bayesian Network Structure Learning: Reading Human Decisions from Data”

In this work, he used a combination of a probabilistic graph model (i.e., Bayesian Network) and a structure learning search algorithm to infer the relationship among TBM behaviors, ground conditions, and operator decisions during tunneling operation. This research is expected to provide a systematic representation to elucidate tunneling operation complexity and promote a more interpretable machine learning framework in tunnel engineering applications.
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