A new article in IJDRR on post-earthquake resilience assessment of regional transportation networks

Our group, together with collaborators from UCLA, published a paper in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction last December 2023 entitled “A granular framework for modeling the capacity loss and recovery of regional transportation networks under seismic hazards: a case study on the Port of Los Angeles”. The paper is authored by PhD candidate Michael Virtucio, Dr. Barbaros Cetiner, Dr. Bingyu Zhao, Prof. Kenichi Soga, and Prof. Ertugrul Taciroglu. The paper proposes a synthesis framework to assess seismic impacts on regional transportation networks through structure- and site-specific bridge modeling and regional-scale agent-based semi-dynamic traffic simulation. As a case study, the proposed framework is applied to the Los Angeles region subjected to a hypothetical M7.4 earthquake. The case study highlights the advantages of using the framework—notably high-resolution results in both space and time over a whole region that then leads to more specific policy recommendations.

Flowchart of proposed framework

Case study: Breakdown of economic impacts of M7.4 earthquake to Los Angeles regional transportation network