Berkeley Engineering

City-scale Modeling

In the city-scale modeling group, we develop scientific simulation models to capture the behaviors of infrastructures and integrate them into a “system of systems” model to obtain insights. Please click on the images below to learn more about ongoing works Wildfire Pipeline Earthquake Traffic System of Systems

Computational Geomechanics

The group conducts research in the field of computational geomechanics utilizing a variety of methods that include the Material point method (MPM), Finite element method (FEM), and Lattice element method (LEM). The group applies these methods to both research and consulting applications which include, but are not limited to landslides, slope failures, tunneling, soil-pipeline interactions, geothermal energy, and deep borehole drilling. Please click on the… Read More »Computational Geomechanics

Sensing Technology

The sensor technologies and methodologies are developed to transform the future of infrastructure and geomechanics through smart information. The data gathered permits an assessment of the behavior of the infrastructure in its environment and allows performance analyses. The group develops, tests, and delivers new robust, resilient, and adaptable technologies, such as distributed fiber optic sensors (DFOS), wireless sensor network (WSN), energy harvesting, and computer vision. … Read More »Sensing Technology