Installation instructions:

Two third-party computer programmes are required for the pre-processing and post-processing, respectively. These can be installed prior to the training course.

  • Pre-processor GiD
    • GiD  (i.e. v12.0.9) is a licensed software with free one-month license for first-time user and can be obtained at
    • Check the version number and operating system, and click on the “Download”.
    • Start the installation executable and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Obtain the one-month free license at
    • Select the version number, licence type and time period.
    • Follow the instructions on the website and provide the required information. A one-month
    • The free password will directly be provided (at the bottom of the website).
    • Enter the password in the “Enter password window” in GiD.
    • The Anura3D problem type folder will be provided at the training course and it will dropped into the c: drive (need administrator rights)
    • If you use GiD for the first time, it is important to ensure that the elements of the mesh are set as quadratic tetrahedral type.
      • In the GiD main menu <Utilities>, choose the option <Preferences…>. A dialogue box will open.
      • Select the <Meshing> option.
      • In the field “Default quadratic type”, select the option “Quadratic”
      • Save your choice by clicking on <Apply> and close the dialogue box with <Close>
  • Post-processor ParaView
    • ParaView is an open source software under a permissive BSD license and is, thus, free to use with Anura 3D. The original ParaView software will be used without any modifications of its source code. The following steps have to be performed to install ParaView.
    • Download the installation files of the latest supported ParaView version (v5.0.1) at
    • Select the version number, download type and operating system, and click on the <Download> button
    • Start the installation executable and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
    • If you use ParaView for the first time after installation, the following changes are recommended to secure an improved visualisation of the results.
      • In the ParaView main menu, choose <Edit> <Settings…>
      • Select the tab “Color Palette”
      • Click on <Select palette to load…> drop down menu and select the option <Print Background>
      • The colours should be updated. Click on <OK> to save the changes
      • Choose <View> from the menu and select the options of the drop down menu
      • This is a one-time action and the choices will be stored as default for any further use of