Prof. Soga and his team carry out research in the field of geotechnical engineering. They are interested in developing new monitoring technologies, which allow gaining insight in the behaviour of underground structures, detected anomalies and provide data for design-performance analyses. Therefore, two fields of research are required – sensing technology and computational geomechanics.


Brief history of research:

Prof. Soga’s research background is in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, which has been applied to numerous research projects such as tunnelling and deep excavation, soil fracturing and grouting, and submarine landslide. However, Prof. Soga’s research interest could not be contained solely within the aforementioned geomechanical processes where he has a strong background, and it expanded to infrastructure monitoring in early 2000 as he emphasised on the importance of maintaining and managing ageing infrastructures. Prof. Soga started accepting researchers and PhD students with background in electronics and photonics, and his effort culminated in the creation of Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction which now boats over 40 researchers and PhD students. Since then Prof. Soga has energetically carried out research on distributed fibre optic monitoring, wireless sensing, and micro electro-mechanical sensors. Although Prof. Soga’s research interest has further expanded to a few more different areas such as geothermal energy and soil-bacterial interaction, his current primary research focus is on geomechanics and innovative monitoring which are described in detail in the following sections of this webpage.