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Group outings

Group outing Feb. 23, 2018   Group outing Jan. 26, 2018

Group pictures

Group picture, October 2017:                      

New collaborators

The Soga research group welcomes 2 new members – Dr Xiang Sun and Dr Jin Luo.

New collaborators

The Soga research group welcomes 7 new members – Dr Mo Li, Dr Xiang Sun, Dr Jinho Park, Nicola Cardella, John W. Murphy, Xingyue Li and Miki Komatsu.

Anura 3D workshop in the US

The next Anura3D MPM community workshop will be held on Monday May 6th and Tuesday May 7th 2018 at UC Berkeley. It will be followed by a training course on Wednesday May 8th.

Anura3D training course

The next Anura3D training course will be given on Friday September 29, 2017, in Hamburg (Germany). For more information, click here.  

10th MPM Workshop

A few members of the lab participated in the 10th MPM workshop  at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Advanced sensors used in testing at Cornell University

The future looks “smart” for underground infrastructure after a first-of-its-kind experiment using several advanced sensors developed by researchers from the group of Kenichi Soga, Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering....