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The Anura3D is pleased to announced its first US workshop on the material (MPM) and training course. The events will take place at the University of California, Berkeley.

WORKSHOP – Tuesday May 8th, 2018

Anura3D workshop in Hamburg, Germany, in Sept. 2017

The workshop is an opportunity for the MPM community to present their work, exchange ideas and expand their knowledge. It is open to both academics and practitioners who would like to share their or who would like learn more about MPM.

People who would like to give a presentation should contact Dr. James Fern.

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TRAINING COURSE – Wednesday May 9th, 2018

Anura3D training course in Hamburg, Germany, in Sept. 2017

Large deformation and soil–water–structure interaction exists in many environmental and civil engineering problems, such as landslides and slope instabilities, installation of piles in saturated soils, settlement due to consolidation processes, fluidisation and sedimentation processes in sub-merged slopes, internal erosion in dykes, and scouring around offshore structures. Modelling these processes is challenging due to hydro-mechanical coupling, large deformation, and contact problems.

The material point method (MPM) is a numerical approach capable of modelling large deformations and recently, within the framework of the MPM Research Community, it has been extended to cope with soil–water–structure interaction.

The Anura3D software uses a dynamic explicit MPM formulation based on a single set of material points. This is capable of simulating 1- and 2-phase materials and free surface water. A fully coupled hydro-mechanical approach is implemented to model the interaction between soil and water phases in saturated porous media, which is understood as a continuum mixture of solid skeleton and pore fluid. Additionally, contact problems can also be solved since a contact algorithm is available. Finally, a library of material constitutive laws is included as well as a UMAT style interface for external user defined soil models subroutines.

    • Date: Wednesday May 8th, 2018
    • Fee: USD 200 (USD 100 for students)
      Registration: click here
    • NOTE: Participants are asked to come with a Windows PC laptop with administrator rights at the training course*, **
    • Venue: Room 250, Sutardja Dai Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720
    • Organisers: Dr. James Fern and Prof. Kenichi Soga

* UC Berkeley can provide a few laptops for participants with no other resources. Please contact us before April 15th so that we can order them from the library.
** Instruction for installation of Anura3D will shortly be provided.

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