Geothermal investigation of a 400 feet borehole at the Berkeley Campus

The University of California, Berkeley, is building a clean electrified heating and cooling plant utilizing shallow geothermal to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. Soga research group conducted a geothermal investigation in a 400 feet borehole on campus to estimate the geothermal properties of the campus ground. In the future, the geothermal potential of the campus will be evaluated based on these properties.


Geology Condition

Geology Database

Borehole Investigation

Instrumentation Installation

Distributed Thermal Response

Thermal Property Estimation


The study was funded by the UC Berkeley Green Initiative Fund ( The PIs of the project are Kenichi Soga (CEE department), Kira Stoll (Office of Sustainability), and Sally McGarrahan (Facilities Services). The authors like to thank the following people who provided support to this project: Michelle Robertson (LBNL), Takaaki Taira (Berkeley Seismology Laboratory), James Wert (Capital Projects), Caroline Tsang (Capital Projects), and Terry Shewchuk (Pitcher Services).