Lauren Talbot

Lauren Talbot
Ph.D. Student
Email: lauren.talbot ‘at’ berkeley ‘dot’ edu

Lauren is a Ph.D. student within the Soga Research Group at Berkeley. Her research area is computational geomechanics, with a focus on the Material Point Method (MPM). Lauren’s current work involves developing new features for the Berkeley Geomechanics MPM code and applying MPM to model large-deformation geotechnical problems, including embankment dam failures and landslides.

Lower San Fernando Dam Failure
This project involves an improved large-deformation model for the well-known case study of the Lower San Fernando Dam Failure. The model is able to capture accurate upstream runout, remaining heel scarp, and post-failure cross-sectional shape. Highlights include shear banding development and initiation, interaction of the leading toe mass with the upstream reservoir bottom, and blocky features.

Berkeley Geomechanics MPM Code