PhD Graduation Commencement 2024

Nanda participated in UC Berkeley’s Ph.D. commencement 2024 last Saturday, May 18th. The memorable occasion was captured in photos, including the hooding session by Prof. Kenichi Soga and a moment with Berkeley Geosystems Engineering faculty and other Ph.D. graduates. A few SRG folks also celebrated the moments together with Nanda. 

Upon graduation from CEE, Nanda recently accepted a postdoctoral position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, working with an incoming Prof. Ken Kamrin, who joined UC Berkeley from MIT. In his postdoc, Nanda will continue developing the material point method, with particular emphasis on multi-physics and multi-phase granular physics.

Here are some pictures:

Class of 2024 Doctoral Commencement of GeoSystems Engineering Program. From left to right: Nanda Chandra, Prof. Kenichi Soga, Xinyi Qian, Prof. John Bray, Brittany Russo, Prof. Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Jhih-rou Huang, Prof. Dimitrios Zekkos, Hasitha Wijesuriya, Prof. Nick Sitar (missing Yuval Keissar).


With some SRG folks. From left to right: James Xu, Michael Virtucio, Tianyu Han, Nanda Chandra, Kenichi Soga, and Jaewon Saw.


Nanda’s PhD hooding by Prof. Kenichi Soga